Do you want bagels?

We're open six days a week at the Hi Hat on York Boulevard

7 A.M. until we run out of bagels. 

Want to make sure you get bagels? Pre-Order them.



How can I make sure I get Bagels?

The only way to make sure you get bagels is to Pre-Order them. Pre-Orders are by the dozen, and are pre-paid. We will hold your order for you until 2pm. There are no refunds. Can't pick up your order? Call us and we'll try to work something out.

What if I don't want to pre-order my bagels?

From when we open until we run out of bagels, all other bagels are first come, first served. We bake a lot of bagels, but if the first customer waiting in line before we open wants to buy 2,000 bagels, we will sell them 2,000 bagels. If you come early looking for a bagel & lox or something like that for breakfast, odds are overwhelmingly good you'll get one. If you come at 1pm hoping to buy six dozen bagels, you might not be so lucky. 

Do you guys still make sandwiches?

Yes, and they are still super good. You can check out our menu here

Can I order bagels wholesale? Do you do catering?

Yes, and yes. We love both those things. Call us, or email us.